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Locally owned and operated. We have been fixing phones since the original iphone was launched.With years of experience and knowledge to know the best way to fix each problem that may come up. Very price aware and always trying to give customer best bang for there buck. We not only fix phones but we sell phones to. We get new phones daily and always glad to help you set it all up.

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  • Same Day Phone / Tablet Repair!
  • We specialize in iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Smartphone Repair, Tablet Repair, as well as PC, Laptop, and Mac Repair.
  • iPhones Repaired in under 60 minutes!
  • We include warranty with all of our repairs!
  • Walkin service!
  • We have been in the Cell Phone Repair business for years and we are known to be one of the most professional in the industry.
  • We also carry a wide range of accessories and buy and sell phones!
  • Don’t go elsewhere, we are the best phone repair store around, guaranteed!