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360 Wireless

Are you in Need of A Cell Phone Repair in Boise Or Maybe A Used Cell Phone?

If you are one of many people looking to hire a quality iPad, iPhone, Android, or iPod repair service, then it is a MUST you consider our cell phone services. Or even if you’re in the market to buy a cell phone, but maybe don’t have your upgrade available or can’t afford a brand new phone, we have a great selection of used cell phones at very affordable prices. We manage to offer a great, friendly and reliable service, and are always competitive at being the lowest cost on repairs.

Not only do we offer our customers superior service, but we even offer quality used iPads, iPhones, Androids, and iPods at some of the lowest prices in town. We are a professional company that offers quality and stand by our products and work, we are able to show potential customers why we are a great cell phone store to choose.

Reasons To choose 360 Wireless

- Experience

One of the main reasons why we are consider ourselves a good choice in cell phone services, is the fact that we have such extensive experience on all types 360 Wireless Cell Phone Store Boise of repairs and devices. We have been in business for over 13 years, so we know how to get the job done right the first time. We can repair your broken iPod, iPhone and Android screen in just a short period of time.

Since we have a great amount of experience in this line of business, we have been able to stay away from making any mistakes whatsoever. Experience is one of the main things that a business like us should have, which is why the majority of the people in Boise seek out our services whether they need a repair, are looking to sell their old cell phone or just looking for a great used phone at a low price.

- Well trained employees

We also employ well trained employees so that they can help you with customer service and your questions on how we repair your devices or any questions about phones in general. The last thing we want is to have our customers confused or not understanding any particular questions about your devices.

We are well aware on how important your expensive devices are to you, which is why we make sure our employees take good care of your device when repairing them.

We do not want to ruin your devices whatsoever so we are certain to hire employees that know how to not make any mistakes and are fully educated with all aspects on ALL the different devices.

- Affordable rates

We offer some of the lowest rates  in Boise, we always try to work with our customers to satisfy to the best we can. Phones are very important now a days and with the economy we understand money can be tight, we will do the most we can to help you leave our store stress free with a smile on your face :)  . 

We can get you into a used phone that will work just as well as a new one but for a lot less. Or maybe you just need our assistance to repair your damaged mobile phone or technology device, we will be able to fix it without making you pay too much. You don’t have to take our word for it though, our customers provide valuable feedback and reviews from their experience with 360 Wireless.


What we can and will offer our customers!!

If your looking to sell your cell phone  we can buy your old device, and get you into a newer phone, or we can repair your cell phones, iPads, and iPods so that the devices can be used once again as if it were brand new. We also specialize in cell unlocking, and flashing and can even you get you set up on a cell phone plan with a great company at a low price. Whatever your needs may be, selling your old phone for some extra cash, upgrading your existing phone or needing a repair. We even have great plans we can get you set up on here right in the store. Whatever you may need we do it all for you here at 360 Wireless! See Our Services page for a full list of what we provide

For honest, quality, reliable repair work and the best possible cell phone prices 
call 360 Wireless today!

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